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anniversary of rosa park's courageous bus protest. the rnc took to twitter saying today we remember rosa park's bold stand and her role in ending racism. now i know what you are thinking. s this's not right. it was really more of a bold sit. folks, i've never been a fan of rosa parks. i don't get what the big deal is i refuse to give up my seat all the time. i don't stand up for pregnant women, the elderly or even for rosa parks. i stole her seat at a benefit to sit closer to oprah. i say you snooze, you lose rosie. i-- (applause) i don't want to toot my own horn but i am the rosa parks of not giving up my seat for rosa parks. nevertheless, i am giving a tip of the hat to the rnc for reminding everyone that rosa parks ended racism. the moment she refused to get up from her seat in december of 1955 racism was over. the end fade to black. or fade to chinese, whatever. it's all the same now. so bravo, rnc, for finally giving proper credit to rosa parks. and if anyone out there does not agree that she deserves it, then you're a racist which you cannot be thanks to rosa parks. we'll be right back.
committee tweeted a photo of rosa parks. the caption said today we remember rosa parks' bold stand and a role in ending racism. >> jon: it's over! [cheers and applause] ahhh! [laughter] it's official. sick a fork in racism it's done. thanks to rosa parks racism completely ended. that's why all history books on racism post 1955 are completely empty. [ laughter ] >> you may ask why did they make it so big then? shut up. >> now, you may say to yourself, well, -- you may say to yourself what qualifies the rnc to make the call about racism being over. who would know better than the racism ended than a group of old white men. they are saying racism is done. once something is tweeted you can't take it back, right? >> the rnc tweaked their tweet after many expressed anger and dismay at the comment. >> jon: you officially announce the end to racism and three hours later you start it again. you know what that makes you? indian givers. i know that is racist because racism is back now that's why i said it. that's right. i'm allowed to -- racism is back -- if it was over -- [laughter] archie bu
, excluding san francisco. look at the numbers. 26 degrees in santa rosa this morning. napa 27. 29 livermore. below freezing. it will be colder tomorrow. a freeze warning in effect for all 9 counties. temperatures could easily get into the teens. talking napa, santa rosa. a freeze warning in effect tomorrow morning till 9:00 a.m. coming up the cold weather, the freeze warning and the chance of snow. >> thank you. to. >> rob roth. he joins us live from santa rosa. >> reporter: as the sun goes down you can feel the temperature drop. according to the weather app right now in san jose, it is 50 degrees. but that will feel warm compared to later tonight. >> reporter: at this store in san jose one of the hottest selling items is this blanket to keep the plants warm. >> as the winds set in later in the afternoon, people this can about their -- people think about their plants. >> i just want to protect my plants. >> reporter: a cold air mass descended and expected to linger. christmas in the park in downtown san jose, many people. >> chills down your spine but then you walk into the coffee shop and
, and here are the cold numbers. santa rosa is 26 and fairfield at 24, 27 if livermore and morgan hill and the numbers are 5- to 10-degrees colder than yesterday morning. we are looking at coldest numbers after sunrise at least three hours from now where the numbers could drop further. from the 20's and 30's to the 40's by noon, upper 40's to near 50 for highs and we will have a winter mix for you tomorrow with details coming up. >> we have frost advisory for roads, but, first, we take you over to the sfo area with the crash headed along northbound direction along 101 you will find this accident mostly debris not lanes and the rest of the cars are off to the side. the golden gate bridge and cartinez and san mateo has frost advisories. be came. it is slippery. eight minutes away from sausalito to san francisco along the bay bridge and san mateo bridge takes you 13 minutes from hayward to foster city. the cold nap is a big shock to people in the south bay who used to mild weather and many have been preparing for the freezing temperatures. our reporter is if san jose with the news. >> a l
city 30, santa rosa 24 and fairfield 26 degrees. it's a pipeline of air coming direct down from the arctic. it has to come from due south and north to get here. one of the cold spots tonight will be santa rosa. joe vazquez reporting live tonight. we know it's a freeze warning, but not everybody agrees that it's cold? >> reporter: cold is in the eye of the beholder. this beholder is freezing just like the city of santa rosa back there, 32 degrees, but not everybody here agrees on the level of discomfort. >> i'm always cold whether it's summer or winter. i'm cold. >> when it's freezing like it is now? >> i'm shaking. >> not too cold because i'm jumping up and down. >> it's not as wet and rainy, but definitely we got the cold, dry and cold. >> one bad ass latte on the bar. >> reporter: oh, that's the name of the place. >> i'm missing a bit of our warm weather. you really need to bundle up. >> serious coat, our winter cold. >> reporter: your teeth are chattering. >> it's freezing out here of. >> reporter: but look at that. he's wearing shorts. >> i'm always warm. >> reporter: t
. these are the numbers right now. santa rosa 41 degrees. check out concord. 42 degrees. these temperatures are chilly. 39 fairfield. it is not hard to get to the freezing level. these were the lows this morning. santa rosa 26. napa 27. fairfield 35. it will be colder tomorrow. we will see teens in the north bay valleys. inland 18, 19 degrees in some places. it will be chilly. records as well. check it out. we will get a record in napa, san francisco, oakland. livermore. san jose. it will be a cold day tomorrow. coldest in a while. coming back in 10 minutes, the freeze warning, the coldest day, tomorrow is going to be the coldest day and the rain comes back in and that will add snow levels to the mix. i will have all that in 10 minutes. ktvu's rob roth is live in san jose where measures are being taken to protect those at risk. >> tough night to be outside. you can't see from here but behind she a homeless -- me is a homeless encampment. >> reporter: people from the community handing out blankets and jack toots homeless people and -- jackets to homeless people and it is still going on right now. >> it get
. >> this morning, you'll get the vibe. it was 26 this morning in santa rosa. 27 in napa. we're going to see teens tonight. we've got the freeze warning in effect until tomorrow morning. the coldest spots will be down into the teens and the coldest spots places like napa and san francisco, will find some record lows tomorrow morning as we get into probably the coldest morning we've seen in the bay area in sometime. when i come back we're going to talk about how cold this was and then a chance for some snow on bay area peaks as we head into friday. we'll see you back here after the break. >> a man accused of a killing over a play station 4 made his first court appearance in san francisco and we're learning some details. 21-year-old ronnie collins was in court today. he's accused of shooting and killing 22-year-old euwaka in the bay you view neighborhood on sunday. they were beating so he could sell collins a play station 4. the victim tried to purchase the gun away before she was shot and even offered to give collins the play station 4. >> and the defendant said, nah, and pointed the gun back down
colder it is going to get. it is already 25 dries in novato and 26 in napa. santa rosa 28, fairfield 27. the numbers are at or below freezing in many parts of the bay area, and they are still going down fast. livermore 33 degrees. freeze warning covers the bay area except san francisco until tomorrow morning at 9:00. increased risk of hypothermia. we will be seeing record-breaking low temperatures tomorrow. live doppler 7hd is tracking it. and we will be tracking possibly some snow here locally. i'll be back with all of the temperatures for tomorrow and the snow potential in a few minutes. carolyn? >> thank you. we will have team coverage on this cold snap. let's start with alan wang live in pleasanton where the temperature is in the 30s. alan? >> yes, carolyn. it is legal to burn firewood in the bay area and we are smelling the chimneys puffing smoke. we are also watching the temperature drop closer to freezing. right now it is 37 degrees out when heated pool water collides with cold air you get steam. when your water polo coach makes you get out for goofing off, you get an effective
just a short while ago. 28 in santa rosa. otherwise, we're in the 30s with the exception of san francisco where it's still 43 degrees at this hour. a freeze warning is in effect for almost the entire bay area except san francisco. a hard freeze for the delta, the dark blue on the screen, and it means it will be even colder there were. we'll see wide-spread froze tonight and subfreezing temperatures in a number of place, ranging from 24 to 32 and icy roads possible. we'll talk more about that coming up in just a minute. >>> the north bay is expected to be hit again with the bitter cold with santa rosa and napa expected to see temperatures weld below freezing. we are live tonight in walnut creek. how cold is it there? >> reporter: it's 26 degrees, and that temperature has been going down all night long. there were fewer shoppers than usual in downtown walnut creek. a few were out and about braving the elements as best as they could. >> i'm wearing two sweat shirts and a coat and i'm feeling cold. i'm not having a good time. >> i'm not wearing as many layers and i'm very cold. >>
to freezing in many spots well before midnight. santa rosa was one of the coalest spots in the bay area. it was 32 degrees just a couple of hours past sundown. it's flood low 20s. perfect christmas tree shopping and coffee drinking weather. >> it's not as wet and rainy but got the cold, dry and cold. >> i'm missing our warm weather. >> really need to bundle up. >> not so cold because i'm jumping up and down. >> teeth are chatters. >> yeah. it's freezing out here. >> reporter: but look he is wearing shorts. what is going on? >> reporter: all righty. so the cold weather is not going away anytime soon. we'll get more tomorrow. let's go to the "great karnow" for the forecast for this day. >> thank you very much, sir! yeah. boy, cold temperatures around the bay area. if you have to get some ice off your windshield, don't pour hot water on it so you don't crack your windshield. temperatures just updated, we have 19 degrees right now in napa. unbelievably cold there. 26 degrees in santa rosa. we may be looking at crop damage especially in some of the north bay valleys. temperatures are just to
. downtown san francisco, one of the warmer spots at 41. santa rosa in the mid-20s at 25. so obviously we've been talking all week about the freeze warning. it is in place due this morning. once again, we'll do it again. another round of very cold temperatures expected first thing tomorrow morning. we'll expect more and incoming rain that could mean a low snow level is coming up. sal has an update on traffic. >>> good morning to you. the traffic continues to move along pretty well. you will see a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's going to be a little bit of a delay. it's about a 10, 15-minute wait before you actually drive through. the traffic is going to be northbound on 280. it will be a little bit of slow traffic here coming up to highway 17. no major problems there. the traffic continues to move along pretty well. right now, highway crews are cleaning up a diesel fuel spill following a big rig crash in san jose. it happened around 2:30 on 880 near the stevens creek boulevard offramp. the driver of the big rig told the chp he thinks he may have fallen asleep at the wheel. inves
. these are the overnight lows. low to mid-twice for santa rosa, liver more 25, san jose 29 and below freezing for fremont, mountain view and redwood city. it will be colder tomorrow morning and the air is coming from the attack. it is a pipeline keeping the cold air coming. we know we're under a free warning. joe, you are telling me that not everyone can agree this is cold? >> right. comfort 11s vary. i have my four layers on, i don't like the cold. you can see here the bank sign says 36 degrees, it will plunge another 10 plus degrees. people in santa rosa prepare for this but they don't agree on how comfortable it. >> i'm always cold whether it's summer or winter. >> when it's freezing. >> i'm shaking. >> not so cold, i'm jumping up and down. not as wet and rainy but we have the cold. >> serious coat for our winter cold. i want it to snow. >> your teeth are chattering. >> it's freezing out here. >> he's wearing shorts. what's going on. i'm always warm. tomorrow morning do you wear shorts. >> yes. tomorrow morning in the 20s. >> i'm inside most of the day. it's no big deal. >> so we're approaching freezi
. half moon bay is close to freezing, below freezing in san jose, though. santa rosa is at 26. napa is at 23. could get down to 20 with many records in jeopardy. 23 in novato with 31 by the delta and the winds are calm, strong northern gradient and the dew points are in the teens and 20's allowing temperatures in the livermore valley to drop through the low-to-mid 20's so yesterday we were warmer, 11 degrees warmer at this time in napa and eight degrees warmer in oakland so we forecasted it would be the coldest morning today and it is. the cold snap will still hang on so we have freezing temperatures through 9:00. on friday morning, and then chilly afternoon which does not change. increasing clouds, though, with the weather system bringing a winter mix sort and saturday. the cold air will encompass the west coast with the coldest air over us, the disturbance is dropping to the south and we already have the cold air in place and that will allow for a winter mix. you can see the temperatures the next couple of mornings below freezing and right on through next week. it is still going t
in santa rosa. 32 and freezing in san rafael. i think even inside the bay again, temperatures at or just below freezing into tomorrow morning. and about 28 degrees in livermore. we have some big changes coming up after that. maybe a little snow on the bay area hills. more on that coming up in just a minute. back to you. >> thank you. >>> dozens of people had to run into the freezing cold this morning to escape a fire that ripped through their apartment complex. kpix 5's kiet do spoke to neighbors who didn't have time to grab anything. >> reporter: saying this was a bad time for a fire would something there's a good time. nonetheless, on the coldest night of the year a bathroom at the bancroft apartments caught fire at 4:30 this morning. the smoke in the hall was down to knee level and forced dozens of people to evacuate. so basically from one danger to another, the freezing cold. >> it was. it was very cold last night and this morning. >> reporter: 75 people stood in subfreezing temperatures just in their pajamas, no jacket, and in some cases no shoes, for an hour before san leandro high
as you can see updated showing you some 40s for santa rosa, walnut creek and livermore. san jose, 47 and san francisco downtown 50. look at napa right now, still holding onto 46 degrees of -- 46 degrees after a cold start. the low in napa for a brief time dropped down to 16 degrees and napa for most of the overnight hours you can see dropping off quite a bit below the freezing point. under freezing for over 12 hours in napa. i suspect we'll have a repeat performance first thing in the morning with those temperatures dropping back down to near 20 degrees. freeze warning, once again for tonight into friday morning. we're talking about more 20s and 30s. coolest locations close to 20, maybe down to 18, 19 degrees. the freeze warning kicks in for tonight lasting into friday morning. here is a look at the projected lows first thing in the morning. in santa rosa, 23 degrees. san francisco, 40. san jose, 31. once again we're talking about some 20s. here are the forecasted lows. we'll be off to an icy start first thing friday morning. also tracking this bigger changes developing as you can se
it genius ♪ was my camouflage wrap ♪ that's my kind of holiday >>> covering santa rosa, berkeley and san jose, this is abc7 news of. >> something you don't hear often in the bay area the sound of ice being scraped by windshield wipers this morning. many of us woke up to icy conditions. this video was submitted to us by a viewer and what he was dealing with in san mateo. send us your video and photos to >> some swimmers thought it was a good day for a dip in the bay. the dolphin club swims regularly. >> i noticed people watching people swim were shivering more than us in the water. crazy be right? it was only 41 outside but the bay water was 52 degrees. >> usually you want to get out of the water because it is cold but not today. >> how about a wet suit. >> always beautiful out there and the sky is blue but it will be clouding up and we will be looking at mixed precipitation around here so, no, not in tahoe but here in the bay area, here is live doppler 7 hd, nothing to be found here and a gorgeous shot from the camera where temperatures in the city still are in the mi
this weather. here are some projected low temperatures for tonight, santa rosa, 23. napa 22. fairfield 25, 26 concord, 25 in morgan hill. we rarely see lows like this, i'll show you which locations may set record lows for tomorrow's date, december 5th. it will be a really cold overnight, bundle up, wear layers, prepare for tomorrow. more later. >> thank you. see you shortly. with subfreezing temperatures spreading tonight to most parts of the bay area as spencer just talked about coping with the cold snap can be a real challenge. here is more from abc 7 news reporter david louie in south san jose. >> reporter: people joke how thin our blood must be, nobody wants to dine al fresco. >> we have the space heater on because it's an old building and doesn't heat well. >> reporter: you realize a building is drafty, right? >> definitely drafty. >> reporter: then there is carlos whose story trying to warm things up by featuring tropical clothing. you're selling resort ware? >> there is california. it's not really cold. it's fantastic beautiful sunny day. >> reporter: a cold snap is good for some busin
but half moon bay is at 37. those very, very frosty wind chills and ice to scrape. 26 in santa rosa, 19 in napa with low 20's and forwards conquer, and livermore, in the upper 20's and you have to get down to 24 in concord do break that record. the highlights she plenty of sunshine but not helping us to a warmup that much and we will only be in the upper 40's and the weather system heads our way to bring a winter mix on friday into saturday morning. here is the cold air. there is the next weathers maker. we will look for temperatures to be as cold tomorrow but with the cloud cover, that is nut going to happen until mid-morning so overnight we are clear and chilly and making united states in the low 20's with cloud cover to the mid-20's on 30's but not much warmer until the middle of next week. it will take some time. here is the low, not a lot of rain associated with it at quarter of an inch and showers at 11:00 in the north bay through the afternoon commute and the higher elevates will see a winter mix gone by the weekend and the west slope of the sierra, it will be difficult to get th
in santa rosa. 22 napa. fairfield, 25. 27 livermore, morgan hill, 25. i think you get the pick tushgs going to be a brutally cold night. wile be back with the complete accu-weather forecast. >> thank you very much joining us tonight is david louie and wade freedman. cold snap spreading your way tonight. looks like you found a way to keep warm. >> i did. it's nice having a fire pit here, you can imagine what that is doing to firewood sales here at the wood yard. they're moving a lot of oak. you know this cold snap is testing peoples' ability to handle tolerance. >> people joke how thin our blood must be. nobody wants to dine al fresco. >> we have a space heater on. it doesn't heat well. >> you realize a building is drafty. right sf >> yes. >> there is carlos perez, his men's store is featuring tropical clothing. >> you're selling resort wear? >> this is california weather, it's not cold it's fantastic. beautiful sunny day. >> a cold snap good for some business. steve ludwig has acres of mrif tree s. >> cold weather and rainy weather, people come out at the time and people love to walk around
that we expect tonight. lowest temperatures, i should say, 23 in santa rosa. 22 napa. fairfield, 25. 27 livermore, morgan hill, 25. i think you get the pick tushgs going to be a brutally cold night. wile be back with the complete accu-weather forecast. >> thank you very much joining us tonight is david louie and wade freedman. cold snap spreading your way tonight. looks like you found a way to keep warm. >> i did. it's nice having a fire pit here, you can imagine what that is doing to firewood sales here at the wood yard. they're moving a lot of oak. you know this cold snap is testing peoples' ability to handle tolerance. >> people joke how thin our blood must be. nobody wants to dine al fresco. >> we have a space heater on. it doesn't heat well. >> you realize a building is drafty. right sf >> yes. >> there is carlos perez, his men's store is featuring tropical clothing. >> you're selling resort wear? >> this is california weather, it's not cold it's fantastic. beautiful sunny day. >> a cold snap good for some business. steve ludwig has acres of mrif tree s. >> cold weather and rainy w
25 dries in novato and 26 in napa. santa rosa 28, fairfield 27. the numbers are at or below freezing in many parts of the bay area, and they are still going down fast. livermore 33 degrees. freeze warning covers the bay area except san francisco until tomorrow morning at 9:00. increased risk of hypothermia. we will be seeing record-breaking low temperatures tomorrow. live doppler 7hd is tracking it. and we will be tracking possibly some snow here locally. i'll be back with all of the temperatures for tomorrow and the snow potential in a few minutes. carolyn? >> thank you. we will have team coverage on this cold snap. let's start with alan wang live in pleasanton where the temperature is in the 30s. alan? >> yes, carolyn. it is legal to burn firewood in the bay area and we are smelling the chimneys puffing smoke. we are also watching the temperature drop closer to freezing. right now it is 37 degrees out here. when heated pool water collides with cold air you get steam. when your water polo coach makes you get out for goofing off, you get an effective disciplinary tool. >> every once
cold for you at 21, santa rosa at 26. vallejo at 23, concord at 27. livermore the mid-20s. we are looking at widespread frost this morning for most of the bay area. downtown's and francisco is the exception is 14 degrees colder in livermore now compared to 24 hours ago. 10 in fairfield, 11 and vallejo. seven degrees and san jose. you will feel the chill in the air. morning lows for this morning expected to bottom out in the mid-20s. oakland a 35 and the mild spot will be in downtown san francisco and the lower 40's. the freeze warning has been extended through tomorrow morning for the entire bay area with the exception of san francisco. we're watching below freezing conditions once again through tomorrow. we will have to watch the protective valleys and the north bay mountains. and again, san francisco is not impacted. highs for today are very similar to yesterday. we will see some disguise the temperatures definitely below average. 49 degrees and san jose agreed not even breaking 50 degrees. 49 in san mateo, low fifties for downtown san francisco, not all are around 49. tempe
bay hills camera, some more current temperature readings 52 santa rosa. mild, down to 48 in livermore. it's going to be cold overnight. bundle up. >> we'll see new a few minutes. this cold snap causing unusual sites around the bay area, specialsly in normal temper ate south bay and peninsula. >> frosty is a christmas character and a good description of weather conditions for people waking up on the peninsula. but there were few jolly and happy souls. going outside meant dealing with uncomfortable temperatures. >> two days ago into 50s, today, it's 37. it's freezing. >> reporter: chp had caltrans check the bridge just to make sure there is no black ice. crystal springs reservoir making it look wintery. these trees are are used to the cold but workers aren't. >> i was cold, there is frost everywhere. it's freezing. >> firs delivered from oregon. temperatures bottomed out at 32 degrees this morning. frost covering everything. but it's not all bad. zach and his son found the bright side to the cold. >> probably first time he's seen frost. he got to touch frost. it was cold frost on cars
in napa. 23 in santa rosa, and these are conservative. you're going to find temperatures into the teens. coming up, we'll talk more about this freeze warning. the coldest cities tomorrow, and as this system moves out, a wet system moves in, and there's a chance for snow on bay area peaks. >>> now to ktvu's ken wayne. he's been outside tonight. talking to folks who are out there trying to stay warm. >> reporter: we're all trying to stay warm out here, frank. we pulled up here a couple of hours ago. the sign said 33 degrees. bill just mentioned 27, but it just dropped within the last few seconds to 26 degrees here in downtown walnut creek. before the night's over, it's going to be a lot colder. winter and ice skating go together. but it doesn't usually feel like it there should be real ice on the ground in walnut creek. >> i can't believe this is tonight, of all nights. it was really nice until just last night. >> reporter: a private party from a jewish synagog took to the ice. many of the participants, russian immigrants who know something about harsh cold winters. this guy has some advi
23 degrees. 32 for half-moon bay, pacifica is 29, novato is 21, santa rosa is 26, so we have that freeze warning out and for good reason. it might get colder for some, we have lost that component of a breeze, it is not impacting the temperatures so far, we have more on the reports for possible snow and we have possible record lows, read them or weep or enjoy upper 40s lower 50s, here is sal. >>> so far it is cold but it is not affecting traffic much, unless you are running into a patch much black ice and we have not heard any of any of that. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is moving well no major problems and also it looks good on the east shore freeway, coming in on east shore traffic is moving along nicely and westbound 508 from livermore to pleasanton and all the way to caster valley is off to a good start, let's go back to the desk. >>> firefighters just put out a house fire in venetia, this is largoen drive and two people have been sent to the hospital. >> reporter: firefighters remain on the scene and they will be here for a quite -- for quite a while.
touched 19 just a little bit earlier. 24 in santa rosa. hard freeze in some of the north bay valleys. 28 livermore. 27 concord. chilly 34 degrees even in oakland. so freeze warnings are up all around the bay area. we have some very cold temperatures in place not only today but it looks like that will be extended into tomorrow. numbers in the 40s and the 50s for highs this afternoon so some very chilly weather indeed. even some freezing temperatures in san jose. that's where we find a very frosty kiet do this morning. kiet. >> reporter: yeah. frosty is right! we're live in downtown san jose where my iphone app tells me it's about 28 degrees and that means plenty of frost here. check it out. the air is a little dry not that much moisture so it means that the frost is not really that thick. nonetheless give yourself some extra time if you are driving into work today to scrape it off your windshield. the cold weather came early last night down to freezing in many spots before midnight. santa rosa was one of the coldest spots in the bay area. it was 32 degrees. just a couple of hours past sun
that dealt with these 20s this morning like in santa rosa, alamo, pleasanton and it's going to get even colder as we head through tomorrow and even san francisco zoo down there for those animals to 35 degrees this morning. let's look at some of the worst chill that we did have. that was here in napa with just a wind five to ten miles per hour and made temperatures feel like 24 degrees this morning. definitely some of the coldest weather we have been mentioning in nine months. let's take you outside right now and unbelievable. what we're dealing with for these averages in the north bay. right now 38 degrees and san francisco 49 and also the peninsula at 47. let's take you into san francisco and we'll be near record-setting lows and 37 degrees expected with clear skies and by 1:00 p.m. and temperatures at 51 degrees. get some warming in there but jacket weather, again, for tomorrow. you'll also see here across the peninsula, a colder start for you, as well. temperatures near 30 degrees across palo alto. so, hopefully, you've got some sort of great deal on a jacket on black friday because
are looking at 28 in santa rosa and 26 in napa. the current temperature in chicago is 38 degrees. we are running much colder than what they are dealing with right now. 27 in fairfield and 33 in livermore. here is what the windchill factor plays into things and this is what it really feels like. a little breeze and fairfield is feeling like 20 degrees. 21 in napa. we are talking windchill here. 25 in novato. the view from the so tro tower camera as we look toward a sparkling san francisco night. freeze rn whattings in effect for all areas except san francisco. record lows are likely in the morning. chilly in the afternoon. really that continues for friday as well with a wintry mix on friday afternoon and going into saturday morning. we will be talking about low snow levels tomorrow morning 19 in napa as i mentioned and 21 in santa rosa. it will be icy cold in some parts of the bay area. 26 concord and 30 san jose and 32 palo alto and half moon bay. you will need all of your heavy, thick winter clothes, 24 degrees in fairfield and 25 in livermore. as you look here, the cold air mass is
dropping off. 27 degrees in concord. 26 in santa rosa. 31 freezing in san jose. and 26 degrees in livermore. so a very, very cold start. of course, freeze warnings are up and have now been extended until friday morning. looks like the weather system that may bring us rain won't move until late in the day so looks like another cold day tomorrow not quite as today. this afternoon those temperatures going to stay very chilly. east bay numbers only in the 40s for highs. you will see 50s, maybe some low 50s inside the bay -- 40s, maybe some low 50s inside the bay. deep freeze again tomorrow night. let's check your "kcbs traffic" with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. and we are talking bart and so far everything is on time which is great news so if you are about to start your morning drive or morning commute and you are hopping on a bart train they should have 20 to 25 trains. they are all on schedule. hitting the roads right now, because we're not quite at 5:00 a lot of the overnight roadwork still out there in lanes including northbound 880 from 16-to-to broadway they have the three right lanes
were up to. hello, sara. ¿ como estas ? muy "bren," rosa. gracias. not bad. soon i will have you speaking spanish like a latina. did you tell them yet ? no, it's been busy. - tell us what ? - well, it's not busy now. it's nothing important. henry ! well, it's important to us just not to them. so, what is it ? sara and i are going together. - that's wonderful, but i think we already knew that. - you did ? - it's pretty obvious from the way you two behave. - it is ? it is ! but it's nice. i don't like to break up this momentous occasion, but we all have work to do. where's your romantic nature, victor ? i'm romantic. but i also have a business to run. that wasn't so bad was it ? no, but it's not like we had to tell them anything. it'll be good practice for when we tell our parents. you're going to tell your parents ? well, of course. aren't you going to tell yours ? what for ? well, don't you want them to know ? sure, but it's not like i have to ask their permission. i mean, when it comes to things like this, i pretty much make my own decisions. wel
got down to the teens. you are now at 23 degrees. santa rosa at 25. temperatures are slow to rise this morning. the highs for today though. expecting lots of sunshine. a chilly day. a lot of forties especially for our inland locations. san jose pushing closer to 50 degrees. more details on how long the that cold streak is going to last. also we have some big changes at winter weather of. >>darya: continuing our team coverage kron4's yoli aceves is live in walnut creek with crews are removing ice from the roadways. >>: what caused the black eyes was a there was a small water main a leak. it originated right about here. basically it has been leaking for a while. a couple of days but over night and got a little bit bigger and delete all over the roadside. of this intersection of it now co road. because of the freeze warning of the water did freeze. it was a ride around 5:00 hour work car started spending. it's still very cold. don't let the sunshine for you. we still have crews out here. monterey the situation. and as for the cold air. can you still see your breath. do the breath tes
air aloft. how about some snow close to the bay area. there's santa rosa. there's the rain/snow line as we head throughout friday morning at this point. we're going to continue to track some low snow as we head through friday's forecast. >> imagine taking a christmas tree with your smart phone and then having it delivered right to your front door. it's possible thanks to uber and home depot teaming it up to make it happen. a couple of catch, though. service is available in ten cities across the country. san francisco is one of them. also, you can only do it tomorrow between 11:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. while trees are still available. how does it work? order a 7 to 8 foot tree and it will be delivered to your door within minutes. costs? $135. >> well, coming up, the president makes his case to the american public, not just for obama care but for why you need federal programs. we have the reality check next. also -- >> it's five feet tall and loaded with technology. i'm scott budman. coming up, a very first look at the security guard of the future. >>> the man accused of killing another o
and santa rosa, 28 in livermore and 27 degrees in concord even freezing temperatures inside the bay. this afternoon, still on the chilly side. highs will only be in the 40s and the 50s. the freeze warning is now extended until tomorrow morning. and then in the afternoon, we'll notice some clouds beginning to move in. a chance of showers developing friday night into saturday. we are going to check your traffic when we come back. >>> a "kcbs traffic" alert. we have a stalled car northbound 880 near fifth and it's causing backups near the oakland coliseum. >>> here's something fun for the holidays. this is from my cousin. it's a preschool letter that she goes to. when you zoom in there's a blinder. we know it's the holiday season and everyone is in a festive mood. however, please note if we sme alcohol on your breath when you pick up your child, we will not release your child. please adhere to the law so it's not make it a difficult situation for both parties. >> a battle going on to save dozens of whales. they're trapped in the florida everglades. we'll
come inside. these are some of your overnight lows. santa rosa tonight 24. tomorrow morning in livermore 25. concord 27. redwood city 30. so a widespread freeze is coming up. we sent len ramirez to gilroy today to talk about how the farmers are going to deal with this very hard freeze. >>> reporter: paul, it's going to be a very long night for growers here in southern santa clara county and all over the bay area, for that matter. there are a lot of crops in the ground right now but there have been preparations under way all day to save the sensitive plants. >> excuse me. >> reporter: with just hours to go before the coming frost -- >> yeah, they can die. >> reporter: lena and her workers are giving these young orange trees a potentially life- saving white winter blanket. >> the big trees don't get damaged as easy as the tiny ones but the small ones we really have to protect them. >> reporter: they run an avocado and citrus farm on the outskirts of gilroy, some trees worth $10,000 apiece. workers already moved avocado trees into greenhouses and for the rest of the day they pu
, como santa rosa, el termmetro llego hasta los 27 grados farenheit. ---en zonas de la peninsula y el sur de la bahia casi llego al punto de congelacion. take 3 box ---en nuestra cobertura especial en equipo angel ayllon, salio a hablar con los residentes para preguntar como se protegen del frio. roll open under ---pero para mostrarnos el dramatico descenso termal por la onda gelida, take 2 box ---pasamos con nuestro meteorologo javier castro.. adelante javier.. take pkg blanca ---ante esta situacion, los blanca ---ante esta situacion, los habitantes de la bahia hacen de todo para protegerse refugiarse del frio. cesar roll open under ---continuamos nuestra especial en equipo, take 2 box ---con angel ayllon que nos tiene mas informacion... adelante angel... take angel live angel live ;01 ;14 ;38 angel live vo-blanca ---hacia las montaÑas tambien se han registrado varias nevadas que ha traido consigo la ola de frio. ---el descenso de las temperaturas permite que los centros de recreacion de la zona de "lake tahoe" tambien generen su propia nieve durante todo el dia sin que esta se derrita
in livermore and pleasanton and 23 in fairfield, 24 and half of 25 in santa rosa. we were close to a couple of records to that but we will probably break a few tomato separate coming close. break a field tomorrow >> jacqueline: it will be chilly brisk out there tomorrow bay area wide not very worn at all. not very mormowarm at all >> jacqueline: 8:00 hour train is approaching the coast line. rain >> jacqueline: here is a look at the extended for ecast. rain and temperatures in the low 20's and 30's. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter: 7 issue of our smart phones are making us not so smart. >> pay attention to which you are doing our hear people are on the prowl. holiday season so please keep your head up. >> reporter: >> last talk a little bit later i have someone approaching me. >> reporter: just a much another is a lot of cellphone theft around here. most >> up most >> reporter: of the people they spoke with are certainly aware of their surroundings. >> reporter: this woman who had her head down walking in the market. >> hi stan
was back in 2009. also, a new record cold temperature. santa rosa at 28. last time it was this cold, was in 1998 for them. freeze warning in effect. a newly issued areas under the freeze warning are the east bay and the south bay. that's where temperatures are going to be dropping an additional five to eight degrees for tonight. the overall range, 25 to about 36 degrees. and of course, as many of you know in the south bay who have opened up the door and stepped outside in the past hour, freeze warning also here for you. that includes the peninsula, as well. let's get a look at some of the damage here across the bay area. what you're going to see are temperatures right now running five to ten degrees colder than this time last night. so, if you thought it was chilly last night, again, as we head throughout tomorrow morning, those numbers are going to be even chillier. so, let's get a look right now across the bay area. most temperatures averaging in the 30 toss about 40 degrees. the north bay 38. san francisco, 42. will likely have record-setting low temperatures here, as well. by 7:
freezing this morning or below. some records are possible. right now, santa rosa is at 26 degrees and 24 in napa and mid-20's by the delta and 28 in concord and livermore at 27 degrees. with the freezing cold temperatures, of course, we have the sensitive plants for the next several hours with sunrise not until after 7:00. many records are in jeopardy. we will watch this for you with the trees wanting extending to friday morning. leyla gulen? [ inaudible ] >> we have frost advisory for several bridges from cartinez to golden gate bridge to the san mateo bridge. watch out for possible ice. in san francisco, we have construction on the presidio to the golden gate bridge toll plaza with a few lanes blocked. if you are traveling from tracy, it will only take you 23 minutes headed into dublin and 14 minutes on 101 san francisco to san rafael at 16 minutes. the toll plaza at bay bridges you can see the traffic is fine. we have construction heed. eric and kristen? >> cold is the story. we have team coverage of the cold snap with conditions in the east bay. residents are weighing up to the clear
the eastern foot hills. let me give you an idea of where it could snow. sanity rosa, at 33 degrees. possible there, livermore as well. the chance is -- mix of rain and snow. down to 500 feet. kind of getting into that time of year. not even wintertime yet. you can find your own seven-day at the bottom of the screen, but your tri-valley seven-day tells the story. livermore, saturday morning, lows at 34 degrees. highs at about 46 degrees. that is cold enough for snow. back over to you. >> okay. we better bundle up. may navy may be the in color of the year in fashion. we'll tell you what it is. >> ♪ yeah her gift ♪ i picked it out in a snap ♪ what made it genius ♪ was my camouflage wrap ♪ that's my kind of holiday . >>> welcome back. well, or kid is certainly growing on us. a version of the purple heu is the 2013 color of the year. the color institute picked the tropical shade known as radiant orchid. they describe the color as an invitation to innovation. the company says that's what pop culture wants reason, an opportunity to do creative things. >>> today ford plans to take the wrap
, but nonetheless, we are very proud of our own initiative where women succeed, america succeeds. rosa delauro, who is sort of the idea, didof this some research about what women meant to the workplace. minimumy, raise the wage, very important. value the work of women. paid leave, very important for women. men as well, but women being the major caregivers, and then of course the issue of child care, which is something that we have a crusade on. i think he was saying that in response to the fact that they were teaching -- didn't they have a class for their members to say how you should run really women, which is strange, especially if you are a woman. but you know what? have been running against women in ways we think are inappropriate. it will be interesting to see what they have in their curriculum for how to run against women. do you also train your candidates on how to run against women? >> i am so excited that there is our womentention on candidates. i am not going to take too long on this because i want to have hoyer.r member i have gone all over the country talking about this and i guarantee
in court on monday for his arraingment. >> pam: the deadly shooting of a santa rosa teen by a deputy, could lead to police department changes. officials want to add lapel uniforms. in light of recent protests over the shooting, officials also endorsed work on a memorial park for andy lopez. >> pam: the moves were made in an effort to restore public trust in the wake of the shooting. >> pam: the cameras would cost the city 250-thousand dollars, and the park plans will be discussed again in two months. >> pam: lopez was shot and killed by sonoma county sheriff's deputy erick gelhaus in october. >> pam: gelhaus told investigators he believed the replica b-b gun lopez was carrying was an assault rifle. >> reporter: new images from the idaho search for a missing san jose man and his family.and just recently, that search was called off for the night?????? >> reporter:dale smith was flying his single engine plane with four other family members on board sunday when he lost contact with air traffic control. >> reporter:smith's wife, janice, says if there's no sign of the plane or people on it today.
, 29 degrees the official temperature the in san jose, mid-20s in santa rosa and up to 41 in san francisco. highs today just in the upper 40s, so bundle up. leyla? >>> we have a new accident in san jose. northbound along highway 85 and it is involving a couple of vehicles. looking at slow conditions on 280 if you are heading in the northbound direction. we also have chain requirements along highway 88 and highway 120. 120. the pass is closed due to snow. [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets your season is here. let's just call it the baking time of year. you need special ingredients. you need the staples for homemade. you need safeway sugar for just a buck eighty-eight. and that magic thing that makes everyone want another only two ninety-nine for challenge butter. and when hands get messy, quite surely they'll say, yum! wow! yay! what a sweeter holiday. safeway. ingredients for life. >>> good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and we have a superhero-sized hour ahead. two world exclusives. so, get the motor running. it's the all-american car. it's been a dream machine on
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